Why does GBU Ventures Exist?

A startup is defined as a team pursuing a scalable business idea in a highly uncertain market environment. Typically this needs rapid product testing, frequent changes and adaptations. These circumstances are in contrast with the business culture of corporates.

Nevertheless interaction between these two types of organisations is growing in intensity. Many expert consultancies such as Startup Genome and KPMG acknowledge that it is startups not corporates that generate the most disruptive innovations. 

For these corporates and established enterprises, startups become a source of low-cost and rapid “product-market fit” tests. For startups, these enterprises become a powerful partner that can accelerate market acquisition and serve as a source of expertise and know-how.  In reality, they both complement each other as innovation creators and  innovation seekers.

At GBU Ventures we are passionate about creating these synergies by exploiting the strengths of the two cultures. We want to forge a new mindset which puts every member of the team at the centre by promoting the concept of shared responsibilities, evidence-based growth and creative problem-solving capabilities.